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Create you own online leaderboard. Rank anything: competitions, events, sports and teams. Share the live leaderboard via a link.

Real-time scorekeeping

Instant updates with animations and sound effects. Perfect for live events.

All you need is a browser

Works entirely in the browser without any special software or app installs.

Collaborate, share, publish

Sharing or publishing your progress is as simple as sending a link via Whatsapp or email. Easy to add to any website.

Live chat

Each board has the ability to show comments, including animated gifs or other images.

Fully customizable

Use your own brand colors, set profile pictures, add a custom background and upload a logo to make it your own.

Pricing to suit your needs

We offer a free plan (supported by ads), a monthly subscription, and a plan for one-time events.

Professional leaderboard maker

The leaderboards include several ready-made and professional looking themes. If you prefer a fun look instead, we've got that covered too.

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3 different leaderboard themes. The leaderboard allows you to track scores online

Fully customizable leaderboards

You can choose your own brand colors as well as setting a color for each person on the leaderboard. You can also upload a logo and profile pictures for all participants.

Customization options
A rainbow-coloured leaderboard that has been integrated into a webpage as a widget

Update your leaderboard from any device

You can update, edit and create boards from your laptop, desktop, mobile phone, iPad or tablet. It works on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. You just need a browser and internet!

Updating a leaderboard from a mobile phone.

Ideal for classrooms and schools

Teachers: motivate your students, show progress, share results, foster gentle competition. Works great on Chrome OS.

Create a classroom leaderboard
An ipad showing an online leaderboard that has been setup for use in schools and classrooms

Why people love KeepTheScore

We host an annual fundraiser called Month of Giving. What generates the most excitement is a fundraising competition between local chapters of Metallica’s fan club. We use to provide daily updates and incentivize participating chapters to continue raising money. The tool is straightforward, easy to customize, and has become an invaluable part of our campaign. The customer service is among the best we’ve come across.

All Within My Hands: Non-Profit Organization Founded By Metallica
All Within My Hands
Non-Profit Organization Founded By Metallica

I’m really impressed with leaderboards! It has allowed us to easily add a fun and competitive element to our fundraising events. It is also super simple to integrate the leaderboards onto our existing website, and to update them whenever we need to.

Steven Carney: Digital Fundraising Manager, Walton Center Charity, UK
Steven Carney
Digital Fundraising Manager, Walton Center Charity, UK

We used for a Hang Challenge at my company for fundraising. We loved how easy andsmooth it was to use it, and the live updates were a big WOW! Also, being able to update the company logo and each player’s profile picture gave it a personal touch and encouraged more participants. Keep up the good work!

Mark Massoud: Event Organizer, Montreal, Canada
Mark Massoud
Event Organizer, Montreal, Canada

We use to keep track of class points throughout the year. Classes can earn points for a variety of activities/behaviors. The class with the most points receives a pizza party. The kids enjoy the friendly competition and it motivates them to make good choices. Thanks for providing a fun, easy way to track and display points!

Ashley Ford: Church coordinator, Truth Quest @ Christian Family Chapel, Jacksonville, FL, USA
Ashley Ford
Church coordinator, Truth Quest @ Christian Family Chapel, Jacksonville, FL, USA

I am SUCH a fan of! I use it to keep the real-time participation score for my students in my Spanish classes. I found it back when we had the COVID-19 restrictions in classrooms. I went back to using with my classes last year, and they loved it! It was VERY motivational.

Stephanie: Spanish Teacher, A high school in West Virginia, USA
Spanish Teacher, A high school in West Virginia, USA

KPPj8 is using to rank members club and participated players based on their ping pong playing performance calculated by KPPj8's Modified ELO Rating Points System. is easy to manage and perfectly to showcase players' ranking in style with photos.

Aidi Azhar: Secretary, KPPj8 Sports, Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Aidi Azhar
Secretary, KPPj8 Sports, Putrajaya, Malaysia.

We held a 'Game Night' for a very large meeting of our membership, and Keepthescore's leaderboard was a perfect solution to help us keep track of points. I loved that it was customizable with colors and images. We will definitely use this product again.

Cass: Educator, a union in Washington, USA
Educator, a union in Washington, USA

I'm using to incentivize competition among our organizations. Great product, efficient and really good service.

Jose: Partnerships Manager,, Spain
Partnerships Manager,, Spain

As an educator I really appreciate how easy it is to update a points system in the middle of class, and I can embed the scoreboard into my school's LMS so all the students know where to go check their point totals.

Luis: Teacher, Santiago, Chile
Teacher, Santiago, Chile

I firmly believe that competition enhances student performance, and the use of simplifies the process. My students love it!

Onur: English Teacher, Anuban Muangmai Chonburi School, Thailand
English Teacher, Anuban Muangmai Chonburi School, Thailand

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